October 19, 2012

Cooper Motorsports would like to thank Easy-Run for their donation of a test stand throttle assembly kit! We use this throttle assembly kit on our in-house engine dyno, to properly map the tune for our engine.

Easy-Run is a universal, portable engine test stand. It is collapsible for easy storage yet re-assembles for use in minutes. The Easy-Run is used for engine testing, camshaft break-in, leak detection, start-up tuning, race engine adjustments, and the startup and testing of used or rebuilt engines. Easy-Run lets you complete most external repairs without removing the engine from the engine stand. The Easy-Run easily adapts to Fuel Injected Engines, Supercharged and Turbo-charged Engines. Easy-Run clients have tested engines producing over 1000 horsepower with excellent engine stand stability while providing excellent mobility. Each Easy-Runstands uses four, 6” Polyurethane radial design casters, (rated @ 3200 lbs. capacity) as standard equipment.


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  • Cooper Motorsports was formed in 1994 when Cooper Union students competed in the SAE Baja series.  In 2004, an intrepid group of four mechanical engineering students started development of a racecar for the Formula SAE competition and a new team was born.

  • The competition requires students to design, build, test, and race a real race car.  Since 2006, the team has built 4 open-cockpit formula-style race vehicles showcasing everything from mechanical design to electronic control systems.

  • Despite its limited resources, the team continues to thrive.  Since its birth, the project has grown into an interdisciplinary effort between dozens of students of different majors within Cooper Union striving for excellence in every aspect of engineering design.

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